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C610A & L410

The C610A with L410

The Gigaset C610 Cordless phone is the optimal option for home and business use. It's detailed color display offers a comfortable menu navigation environment. Its large portfolio of features provides options and customization for your individual needs. All features expected in modern phones, such as internal call forwarding, contact lists, call histories, and more are present.

The phone is wall mountable, and can be expanded to up to 6 handsets. Settings allow automatic muting when anonymous calls are received and the deactivation of sound during nighttime. The multilingual menu allows the selection of one of 25 languages. Multiple phones allows internal calls and internal call transfer.

The C610A adds an answering machine to the base station. With the answering maching you have up to 45 minutes of recording time. Playback messages from an external phone.

The L410 clip allows hands-free talking and convenience. Attach the clip to your shirt pocket and speak without having to hold a handset.

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L410 allows initiation of free interet calls
L410 allows 3 party conference (2 internal 1 external)
L410 has GAP compatibility with Gigaset and 3rd party DECT phones
45 minutes recording time on answering maching
playback messages from external phone
2 different announcements
Direct dial
180h standby time
up to 12h talk time
Alarm clock
Plug-and-play installation
Forward calls to other internal users
wall mountable
Redile last 20 calls
save up to 150 numbers
Up to 612 characters in messenger
Up to 6 individual ringtones for VIP callers
Serial Number S30852H2335R552
Dimensions Handset 149 x 49 x 27.5 (H x W x D in mm)
Dimensions Base Station 45 x 118 x 136 (H x W x D in mm)
Dimensions Charging Station 29 x 71 x 76 (H x W x D in mm)
Colors Black, White
Resolution 128x160
Colors 65000
Battery 2x AAA
Indoor Range 50m
Outdoor Range 300m
Languages 25
Expansion Capactiy Can be expanded to 6 handsets
Sound Quality HSP and HDSP ready (High definition sound)
Condition New

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