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The Super High Grade Plus is the highest grade of boards and classifies all boards above the Grade 1+ level. Due to this, this grade does not encompass any specific type of board and has varying values. For high amounts, a specific price analysis can be made.


Boards in the SHGP grade are distinguished from lower grades by high presence of gold or gold containing components such as CPUs. Frequently such boards are from server systems. The more valuable boards are those with several CPUs and ICs with gold caps and pins. Whereas the less valuable boards in this grade are back panels and similar boards. Other high value boards include cell phone boards and boards from hard- and disk drives.


Boards with aluminum coolers, fans, batteries, metal frames, and other heavy low value attachments, reduce the value of the scrap. The price at which you can sell your scrap will increase if you remove these components and send them separately.

Boards with CPUs and chips often have aluminum or copper heat sinks and fans attached, which can be easily removed. Aluminum and Copper at greater quantities can also be compensated.

Batteries should also be removed. Batteries are often thin disks which can be easily removed with a screw driver. Batteries can contain poisonous materials, especially in older scrap, and must be disposed of properly.

After these components are removed, the boards can be sorted into the appropriate grades.


Since Super High Grade Plus boards consist of a range of different types of boards, pricing can vary. Please contact us for a quote. For the best compensation please include pictures and descriptions of all variations of SHGP boards.

A minimum of 50 lbs is required.

Price per lbs: $ 5.00

For smaller amounts, mixed or unsorted material, or if you have any questions, please contact us for pricing information.

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