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The Super High Grade is a common grade of boards, generally found in personal computers and servers.


Common boards in this category include video cards, modem cards, and other expansion cards with gold fingers.

Many boards of this grade, especially boards from computers, can easily be classified by the colors they have. Boards of this grade frequently have various colors ranging from the more common green, to blue, violet, red and orange. Beware though, brown and beige boards are also commonly found in lower grades.


Boards with aluminum coolers, fans, batteries, metal frames and brackets, and other heavy low value attachments, reduce the value of the scrap. The price at which you can sell your scrap will increase if you remove these components and send them separately.

Expansion Cards are made valuable by their gold fingers, and their removal will reduce the board to a grade 2 value.

If the quantities are large enough, the material could be prepared into subgroups for better compensation. The older finger boards are generally more valuable than newer generations. Old generation PCI and slot boards can be identified by their large ceramic ICs and thick gold contacts on the fingers. The newer boards have much smaller components and much thinner gold contacts on the fingers. New generation boards can easily be identified by color, as they are usually red, blue, purple, and black.


A minimum of 50 lbs is needed.

Price per lbs: $ 3.45

For smaller amounts, mixed or unsorted material, or if you have any questions, please contact us for pricing information.

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