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The Super High Grade is a common grade of boards, generally found in personal computers and servers. This grade includes only motherboards of the Pentium III or equivilent generation and older.


The SHG grade is generally identified by connectors with gold contacts. Boards of this grade often have several slot connectors, CPU connectors, or RAM connectors. Boards with several ICs and chips or gold fingers which do not fall under the slot cards grade, are also classified in this category. Common boards in this category include motherboards and harddisk controllers.

Many boards of this grade, especially boards from computers, can easily be classified by the colors they have. Boards of this grade frequently are green to dark green and dark orange. Beware though, light green, brown, and beige boards are also commonly found in lower grades.

Due to the similarity with lower grade mother boards, this grade is best identified by the CPU sockets. PIII and older generation boards have bigger CPU sockets than newer generations. Please see the picture bellow for reference.


Boards with aluminum coolers, fans, batteries, metal frames, and other heavy low value attachments, reduce the value of the scrap. The price at which you can sell your scrap will increase if you remove these components and send them separately. The price bellow is calculated for boards where these components have been removed.

Boards with CPUs and chips often have aluminum or copper heat sinks and fans attached, which can be easily removed. Aluminum and Copper at greater quantities can also be compensated.

Batteries should also be removed. Batteries are often thin disks which can be easily removed with a screw driver. Batteries can contain poisonous materials, especially in older scrap, and must be disposed of properly.

After these components are removed, the boards can be sorted into the appropriate grades.


A minimum of 100 lbs is needed.

Price per lbs: $ 1.79

For smaller amounts, mixed or unsorted material, or if you have any questions, please contact us for pricing information.

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