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Identification → CPU → Gold Cap Ceramic 386 /486

386/486 refers to two generations of ceramic gold cap CPU's. They have 68 pins and are built by various manufacturers.


For a CPU to classify into this grade, it must be of the 386/486 type, with a ceramic housing and a gold plate on the bottom side. There are many CPU variants with the 386/486 identifier, which are inside plastic housing, or do not have a gold plating on the bottom side. Those CPU's do not fall into this grade. Instead separate those into the other appropriate grades.


CPUs frequently have fans and large coolers attached. Any attached coolers and fans should be removed. These coolers are frequently made of aluminum or copper, and can be profitable if collected to large quantities.

Sometimes CPUs can be attached to boards or adapters, these should be removed, or at the least trimmed down to remove excess material and sorted separately as board scrap.

It is important that the CPUs be separated properly into the groups described in the price list, in order to receive full compensation.


A minimum of 10 lbs is needed.

Price per lbs: $ 79.46

For smaller amounts, mixed or unsorted material, or if you have any questions, please contact us for pricing information.

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