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The AMD K6 CPU with the aluminum cap is the most common processor of this grade, although other ceramic CPUs with aluminum caps exist. CPUs with copper caps exist as well, which includes the sun ultrasparc CPUs.


Although AMD K6 are the most common aluminum cap CPUs, there are few other CPUs included in this grade. CPUs of this grade can have a variety of caps, which are large and usually cover the majority of the top side of the CPUs. Often times these heat spreaders make up a large proportion of the CPU's weight and contribute in the reduction of value in comparison to the more valuable Ceramic Grade.

AMD K6 CPUs can be identified by the type of cap they have. The very light aluminum cover and thin c eramic housing make this a light metalcap CPU. Often these AMD processers are labeled and thus easily identifiable as K6.

Metalcap CPUs, which have caps of a material other than aluminum are valued less than the K6. These CPUs have most of their weight contributed by their metal caps, which are generally made by some copper base metal, although they generally are colorless. Removal of these metal caps is often very difficult.


AMD K6 CPUs can be prepared to receive better pricing by removing the aluminum cap. This cap can be removed by heating the cap with a heat gun. Once the CPU has reached a high enough temperature, the glue will start to losen and allow for the cap to be removed. To remove the cap, carefully insert a screw driver between the cap and housing and slowly twist to pop off the cap. Please beware that the CPU will be very hot, and should not be handled without heat resistant gloves. Once the cap is removed, the CPU is classified as a Ceramic CPU grade. Depending on the quantity, you can then also sell the aluminum caps. If you do not wish to remove the caps yourself, the K6 CPUs will be compensated at a lower rate.

CPUs frequently have fans and large coolers attached. Any attached coolers and fans should be removed. These coolers are frequently made of aluminum or copper, and can be profitable if collected to large quantities.

Sometimes CPUs can be attached to boards or adapters, these should be removed, or at the least trimmed down to remove excess material and sorted separately as board scrap.

It is important that the CPUs be separated properly into the groups described in the price list, in order to receive full compensation.


A minimum of 50 lbs is needed.

Price per lbs for K6/Aluminum-Cap Ceramic CPU: $ 18.27
Price per lbs for Metalcap Ceramic CPU: $ 10.00

For smaller amounts, mixed or unsorted material, or if you have any questions, please contact us for pricing information.

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