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Plastic CPUs became common in the Intel Pentium III, AMD athlon, and similar series. Since then, almost all CPUs where Plastic CPUs.


CPUs of this grade are characterized by their plastic housing. As long as the plastic CPU does not have any aluminum, copper, or other metal caps, it belongs to this grade. Some plastic chips and processor, generally those which are not central processing units, are not part of this grade. Specifically those chips that have no pins.


CPUs frequently have fans and large coolers attached. Any attached coolers and fans should be removed. These coolers are frequently made of aluminum or copper, and can be profitable if collected to large quantities.

Sometimes CPUs can be attached to boards or adapters, these should be removed, or at the least trimmed down to remove excess material and sorted separately as board scrap.

It is important that the CPUs be separated properly into the groups described in the price list, in order to receive full compensation.


A minimum of 50 lbs is needed.

Price per lbs: $ 4.78

For smaller amounts, mixed or unsorted material, or if you have any questions, please contact us for pricing information.

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